Complimentary Exhibitor Marketing Toolbox

Inform your customers about your participation at ACMA Automechanika New Delhi

Customise show invites with your company name and booth number and promote it via marketing channels like LinkedIn, Facebook and WhatsApp or even send an emailer talking about your new product launches! Avail our exclusive visitor registration link that can be used to invite your sales prospects and endorse your participation by using personalised e-signature in your email communications!

Bonus: You can also share your company or product news with us by submitting it in the content submission box and we will promote you across the show's marketing channels. 

Get started today! You just need your registered email address and your company booth number. 

An easy to use portal to promote your brand

Customized registration link
Get an exclusive registration link to use for your promotional campaigns
Tell your social media audience about your participation and your booth details!
Send out quick invites to your customers via WhatsApp
Get featured and promoted on social channels by simply sharing your company updates on the content submission page
Invite your customer base to your booth using customized email invites

Follow these steps to use this service


Inform your business prospects about your show participation

  • Click here to access the portal
  • Enter your booth number and your registered email address (ID used to submit on the application form)
  • If you want to edit/change the users, contact our sales team
  • Upload your company logo
  • Choose your prefered promotional collateral and download it or share it directly via the portal
  • Share amongst your network

Watch the walkthrough of the Exhibitor Marketing Toolbox to get started

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