ACMA Automechanika New Delhi

Facts & figures

ACMA Automechanika New Delhi is the nation’s only focused and dedicated exhibition on automotive aftermarket and part of the global 'Automechanika' brand.

Brand 'Automechanika' is one of the most successful trade fair brands of Messe Frankfurt and today it has numerous editions held across the globe. It is the meeting place for its industry professionals and for brands to raise the business bar for themselves. 

The show represents the entire process chain in the automotive aftermarket and have become a one-stop sourcing and networking destination in recent years. You will find product innovations in automotive accessories, workshop equipment, bodywork & paintwork, car repair, IT & management, and the latest automobile services. In recent times, the New Delhi edition also focuses on the aftermarket from two wheelers, passengers, agricultural and commercial vehicles. 

Marked by focused exhibitors and engaging knowledge led conferences, this platform is truly driven by high quality solutions for the auto component industry. 

Fair facts

Date  5 —7 February 2026
Halls 1 (A,B,C,D), Yashobhoomi (India International Convention & Expo Centre), Dwarka, New Delhi

Product groups

ACMA Automechanika New Delhi covers different aftermarket categories which allows different industry buyers to find valuable solutions here.

  • Components for all drive technologies and vehicle concepts (engine, gearbox, powertrain, exhaust systems)
  • Chassis for all drive technologies and vehicle concepts (axles, steering, brakes, wheels, shock absorbers)
  • Body for all drive technologies and vehicle concepts (metal parts, mounted parts, windows, bumpers, Vehicle Integrated Photovoltaik VIPV)
  • Standard mechanical parts (fastening elements, threaded and securing elements, sealing rings, roller bearings)
  • Interior (cockpits, buttons, switches, instruments, airbags, seats, illumination, heating, air-conditioning, electrical adjusters, interior filters)
  • Exterior (doors, windows / glass, mounted parts)
  • Remanufactured parts and components for cars and commercial vehicles
  • Exhaust gas aftertreatment/exhaust gas cleaning (catalytic converters, particle filter, lambda probe)
  • New materials and processes (3D printing, fiber composites, renewable resources, hybrid materials, recyclable materials)
  • E-Commerce  (online platforms, E-Commerce Fulfilment, E-Commerce Operations)
  • Retrofitting combustion engine car/truck (Conversion to hydrogen burner, conversion to battery electric vehicles)
  • Drive technologies ( electric mobility (battery electric drive BEV), hybrid variants (hybrid drive HEV, plug-in hybrid PHEV ), fuel cell drive (FCEV), CNG drive (biomethane, natural gas, synthetic methane), internal combustion engines (petrol, diesel)
  • Industry institutions, trade publishers, education and training
  • Engine electronics (control units, bus systems, sensors, actuators)
  • Vehicle lighting (headlights, LED/OLED, lasers, exterior and interior lighting, intelligent headlight systems, night and thermal-imaging cameras)
  • Electrical systems (electrical power supply, batteries, cables, wiring harnesses, cable mounting and connecting elements, plug connections, sensors, on-board diagnostics, high-voltage systems)
  • Comfort electronics (wellness and health systems, automatic air-conditioning, seat heating and ventilation, electric seat adjustment, keyless-go systems, control systems)
  • E-Powertrain, Battery Systems, Resources (lithium, nickel, cobalt, rare earths)
  • Energy storage (batteries, lithium-ion, lithium-oxygen, high-voltage systems)
  • Battery management, thermal management
  • High-voltage power electronics
  • Charging technology ( inductive/conductive systems ), charging stations (battery exchange systems MB), charging accessories (plugs, cables, connectors)
  • Industry institutions, trade publishers, education and training
  • Workshop equipment for repair and maintenance for all drive technologies and vehicle concepts (systems and equipment, lifting gear, test and measurement equipment, tire installation, workshop equipment, networking software)
  • Tools (impact screwdrivers, compressors, wrenches, High voltage)
  • Digital maintenance (predictive maintenance, over-the-air diagnostics, over-the-air updates and services, remote services)
  • Vehicle diagnostics (diagnostic equipment and software, on-board diagnostics)
  • ADAS calibration (repair/adjustment of advanced driver assistance systems)
  • Air-conditioning service (air-conditioning technology and service equipment, air-conditioning systems, air conditioning unit maintenance)
  • Battery management (diagnostics, evaluation, maintenance, replacement, disposal and recyling, battery passport, circular economy)
  • Fastening and bonding solutions (rivets, adhesives, screws, soldering, welding materials, lasers)
  • Workshop and business equipment (shop fitting/shop systems, sales equipment, office and warehouse equipment, work clothing)
  • Workshop safety and ergonomics (equipment, occupational health and safety, furnishings, health-promoting and safety-supporting technologies, trainings, high voltage)
  • Transport of dangerous goods ( transport of crashed BEVs, battery handling and fire protection, air purification, ventilation, heati
  • Maintenance and repair of vehicle superstructures (RV/caravan and motor home superstructures, custom and special superstructures forlightweight and heavyweight utility vehicles)
  • Towing equipment (vehicles, trailers, towing equipment and technology)
  • Workshop concepts
  • Sustainability (certification), waste disposal and recycling (systems, equipment, management systems, product passport)
  • Industry institutions, trade publishers, education and training
  • Exterior accessories (accessories for tyres, rims, snow chains, edge protectors, sill trims, trailer couplings, tow ropes, covers, marten repellent, stone chip protection films)
  • Interior accessories (starting aids, child seats, car mats, seat & boot protectors, covers, car beds, safety products, First-aid kit, warning waistcoats, fire extinguisher, sunshade, car hoover)
  • Transport systems & superstructures for motor vehicles, vans, campers, pick-up (transport solutions, load securing, carrier systems for sports, bicycle racks, tailgate systems, roof racks, roof boxes, trailer & rail systems, roof bodies and tents)
  • Technical customizing (body styling, engine, chassis and exhaust tuning, sports equipment, lighting, tyres and rims)
  • Optical customizing (car styling, foiling, protective films, airbrush systems, interieur and audio tuning, rims)
  • Infotainment (multimedia, car media devices, audio and sound systems, navigation, integrable services, in-car-gaming, -entertainment
  • Special vehicles & bodies for commercial vehicles (load compartment equipment, equipment, installations and conversions for vans, ambulance transport, police, taxis)
  • Lifestyle, luxury & merchandise items (clothing, luggage, outdoor, personalised products, ice scrapers, parking discs, number plates, key rings, retro & nostalgia articles, tin signs, miscellaneous)
  • Car fragrance & special products ( air fresheners, fragrance dispensers, car perfume, cockpit spray, special products for insect removal, fragrance tree, diffuser)
  • Organisation systems (boot organiser, interior organiser, boot bag, folding boxes, cup holders, bags, utensil bags, backrest protection, folding table for laptop, folding table for laptop, kneeling tray, can safe)
  • Accessories for pets (holding and transport systems for pets, dog beds, dog seats, dog blankets, travel bags, car harnesses, seat belts, boarding aids, dog ramps)
  • Industry institutions, trade publishers, education and training
  • Installations (oil filling systems, oil dispensing systems and equipment, lubrication systems and equipment)
  • Lubricants and greases (Cooling lubricants, greases and pastes)
  • Oils and oil substances (lubricating oils)
  • Additives
  • Auxiliaries and consumables
  • Technical fluids (coolants, refrigerant, gases, fluid management)
  • Technical sprays (cleaning, care, lubricant and universal sprays), aerosols
  • Tank Management (storage, cleaning and maintenance)
  • Filling station equipment (filling station equipment, tank systems for all types of fuels, Digital Fuel Twins)
  • Alternative fuels (synthetic fuels, bio-fuels, re-fuels, waste fuels, LPG, CNG, ethanol, hydrogen)
  • Industrial and workshop hygiene (surface and hand cleaning agents, disinfection)
  • Sustainability management, waste disposal and recycling (systems, equipment, processes and services)
  • Industry institutions, trade publishers, education and training
  • Workshop / dealership / filling station planning and construction (business consultants, certifications, environmental protection consultants)
  • Dealer, sales and service management (dealer management systems, special applications and equipment)
  • Digital transformation (administrative and operational processes, customer management, projects, sustainability)
  • Digital marketing (metaverse, mobile and stationary solutions, concepts, projects)
  • Intelligent data processing, customer data management (data analysis and management, data security)
  • Online presence (search machine optimization, web design, online marketing)
  • Corporate marketing and outdoor advertising (signage, advertising media, agencies)
  • Online service platforms, vehicle/parts and service exchanges, E-commerce, mobile payment
  • Economic regeneration, research, consulting, franchise, cluster initiatives
  • Mobility services, last mile mobility (data management, service apps, shared mobility)
  • Fleet management/leasing/corporate mobility
  • Industry institutions, trade publishers, education and training (mechanics, mechatronics, electromobility, sales, management)
  • Washing (automatic car wash facilities for exteriors, wash stations, washing equipment, washing chemicals, accessories)
  • Car Care (exterior and interior cleaning, high pressure cleaners, equipment for car care, cleaning and care products, care aerosol, care accessories and services, vacuum cleaners)
  • Detailing and car preparation (exterior and interior preparation, systems and equipment, surface cleaning, protection and sealing, polishes and compounds, upholstery and leather repair, accessories and services)
  • Professional products especially for Young and Old timer, bikes, commercial vehicles, agriculture, camping
  • Water recycling systems (water reclamation, water treatment, waste water disposal) and sustainability technologies
  • Industry institutions, trade publishers, education and training
Stack of tyres in garage
  • Automated driving (electrical components for autonomous driving, robocabs, sensors, actuators, artificial intelligence, cameras, ultrasonics, lateral and horizontal driver assistance systems)
  • Vehicle safety systems, driver assistance systems
  • Human machine interface (HMI) (eye tracking, facial expression tracking, gesture control systems)
  • Connectivity (vehicle to vehicle (V2V), vehicle to infrastructure (V2I),  vehicle to cloud (V2C), vehicle to pedestrian (V2P), vehicle to grid (V2G, vehicle to everything (V2X), LTE, functions on demand)
  • Internet of things (smart home, additional services, mobile devices)
  • Windscreen projection / Head-up displays (HUV)
  • Cyber Security
  • Industry institutions, trade publishers, education and training
  • Tires (summer/winter tires for cars, utility vehicles, trucks, two-wheeled vehicles and special vehicles, exclusive tires for SUV, sports cars and premium vehicles, wide-track tires, industrial tires, carcasses and tubes)
  • Wheels and rims (exclusive and customized wheels and rims, industrial rims, customized wheel rims)
  • Tire/wheel repair and disposal (vulcanization, balancing, wear-and-tear repairs, elastification agents, repair materials, tools, fillers, disposal)
  • Used tires and wheels (retreading, recycling, vulcanization, tire care)
  • Tire/wheel management and business modells (online tire portals, inspection, tire logistics, tire leasing and rental, tire storage)
  • Sales equipment and storage of tires (operating/storage/office/showroom equipment and facilities, sales aids, certification, tire storage)
  • Accessories for tires, wheels and installation (valves, storage labels, balancing weights, theft prevention, safety equipment, wheelnuts)
  • Intelligent Tires (digital systems, sensors, tire pressure management systems, safety, data-transfer)
  • Industry institutions, trade publishers, education and training, sustainability
  • Bodywork and accident repair (equipment and materials)
  • Paintwork and corrosion protection (systems, equipment, paint, painting supplies, corrosion protection, spot repair, auxiliaries)
  • Smart repair for paintwork, metal parts, plastic parts, windows, headlights, rims
  • New materials (lightweight, carbon, magnesium, aluminum)
  • Industry institutions, trade publishers, education and training (bodywork, paintwork, accident repairs), sustainability and disposal

Visitor profile

Visitor Profile

Generate quality leads that will only benefit your business

ACMA Automechanika New Delhi will welcome the largest arena of professional visitors on the show floor! 

  • Spare parts and accessories
  • Car repair shops
  • Service stations
  • Production of vehicle fittings (OEM)
  • Fleet management
  • Garage equipment and tools
  • Organisations / associations
  • Government officials / public authorities
  • Wholesalers
  • Distributors
  • Traders
  • Manufacturers
  • Company owners
  • Managers

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